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Spiritual Healing

Awakening is not changing who you are,
but discarding who you are not. 

Deepak Chopra


There are a few misconceptions you are bound to stumble on when you walk the spiritual path. My favorite is, "So because you are spiritual you must always be happy right?"

The reality is, reigniting the inner light within you allows you to build a deeper connection to the Universe. It encourages you to explore your fears, and past trauma and teaches us to embrace the unknown.


It pushes you to seek compassion when everything feels in turmoil. But it also brings you an abundance of joy, love & happiness.


Ultimately, spirituality is about you embracing this journey on earth to its fullest, through the power of your mind, body and soul.

Angelic Card Reading 

Receive personal guidance through a bespoke spiritual card reading and cultivate a stronger relationship with your inner voice. Angelic Card Readings are a safe space for you to discover who you want to be, to release your fears and to open your mind to the power of the universe.

On booking your bespoke spiritual card reading you have options of in-person or via a Zoom chat. With the Zoom session, you are able to record for future reference.

30 Min



60 Min 



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