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Holistic Services

Discover complementary therapies & treatments that enhance long-lasting wellness within you.

Treatment Training room

You already know how important it is to take care of yourself physically. But did you know that 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues of some kind each year in the UK? 


It’s becoming clearer that stress, fear, lack of self-esteem or prolonged states of negative emotions are resulting in the rise of health issues physically and mentally. 


And that’s why we are seeing a holistic healing movement. Because people are awakening to self-care practices & treatments that nurture their mind, body and soul. 


With every treatment, I focus on optimising your lifeforce because it’s this vital energy that interconnects your mind, body and soul. 


When your energy can flow freely this allows you to feel happy and become your most vibrant self. But certain life experiences can cause your energy to become blocked or stagnant. And this can result in negative knock-on effects on your mental, emotional and physical health. 


And that’s why I offer a wide range of alternative therapies & treatments that can be blended and tailored to fit the needs of your own personal healing journey.


Why you should choose Angelic Touch Holistics

I love peppering a blend of oils, reiki and crystals into all of my treatments! Which is great news for you because this means you will always get a taste of everything i can offer.

My mission it to intuitively get to know you! Its my job to always listen to your mind, body and souls' needs. This enables me to be guided to your energy blocks as assist your body in releasing them. 

My practice is influenced by my passion for spirituality. If you are looking for Holistic Energy Therapist who can guide you to deepen your spiritual connection then I am perfect for you. 

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