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Intuitive Holistic Therapies & Treatments that nourish your Energy System and Revitalise your Mind, Body & Soul.

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You have probably heard holistic treatments or alternative therapies thrown around when it comes to wellness. But what is it all about, really?


Holistic Therapies & Treatments are about you taking charge of your health. Because they empower you to nurture your whole self and ultimately...


Awaken your mind-body-soul connection so that you can cherish the divine power that flows through us all. 


As a Holistic Energy Therapist, I call this the Universal Life Force of Energy and this powerful force influences your overall wellbeing. However, extreme life experiences can affect your energy system resulting in depression and anxiety, high levels of stress or even chronic pain. 


That's why my mission is to help you optimise your mind, body and soul through energy-focused treatments & therapies. So that you can build a holistic self-care practice that positively impacts the quality of your life.


At Angelic Touch Holistic Therapies & Training you can explore a range of services that can be tailored to meet your specific health needs. But they all have one purpose: To kickstart your energy system throughout your body as well as restore harmony to your emotional and mental well-being too. 


When energy can flow freely, you can cultivate a life that's Balanced, Healthier & Happier.


I'm Simone Mcpherson. 
Certified FHT & AoR Holistic Energy Therapist, Spiritual Mentor & Reiki Tutor.

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Holistic Healing Benefits

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Release trapped emotions so that you can deeply heal from past trauma and take charge of your life with compassion & confidence.

You can discover freedom in moving again through Holistic Energy Massages that help to release tension, pain & discomfort throughout your body. 

Stop hitting your snooze button and combat your fatigue through Energy Therapies that help to restore your sleep by removing stagnant energy from your system. 

Take time out from the hectic rush of daily life and connect your mind, body and soul into the present moment 

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Soothing Therapies & Treatments that focus on you as a whole person, reinforcing wellness within you and simulating your own natural healing abilities. 

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Tame your flight or fight response and alleviate stress, fear and anxiety in your nervous system so that you can have greater clarity and peace in your mind.

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So you are ready to start your Holistic Healing Journey... 

But you are unsure what Holistic Therapies & Treatments are all about. Or maybe you can’t decide if alternative treatments are right for you. 


That’s why you can book a FREE 30 Minute consultation with me from the comfort of your home. Because I am always happy to discuss my holistic services with you in further detail and provide you guidance as you embark on your path to holistic wellness. 

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Let's Chat!

Drop me an email using the link below to book your free call!

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Investing in your wellness is an opportunity for you to see your greatness