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I'm Simone, Your Holistic Energy Therapist!

My purpose is to awaken your inner light so that you can grow a stronger connection with your Mind, Body and Soul.

I am a big believer that you need to get to know your therapist first. So here's a little bit about me...

Simone Mcpherson

Many Moons Ago...

​I recall seeing my Grandfather gently place a spoon of honey on the ground for a fuzzy bumblebee. The sleepy insect waddled up to the golden goo, guzzled it down, and then he floated away. It’s a beautiful moment that’s stayed with me ever since.


Like a guiding light, the memory is always reminded to lead with compassion, love and kindness. 


And it brought me to where I am today. Because helping people to see the miracle of their existence is my ultimate passion and purpose.

Fast Forward to 2001...

I was fresh out of my divorce with three children to take care of. But the truth is I had never felt freer. Which might be the reason I jumped into running a business with my closest friend. Together we launched an ambulance company and ran patients up and down the UK.


Looking back, it was a wild adventure running my own business! But my intuition would always whisper to me, "this isn't your destiny" and our business did come to a natural end in 2007.


​It was in that period of my life that Reiki found me. The moment I became attuned, I felt like something had clicked within me. Like I had been searching for this without even knowing.


This kicked off my 10 year journey to becoming a  credited Holistic Energy Therapist. Yep, the Universe took me off the beaten track a few times. But I do believe that every pitstop in my life has prepared me to be here with you today.

Simone Mcpherson

My Beliefs & Values

Listen to Your Body

Your body holds innate wisdom. By listening to it, you empower your strength and reconnect with your true self. This practice is a profound act of self-love, guiding you on a continuous journey of self-discovery


I honor the spiritual insights that arise, always respecting your journey. My approach is to ask and guide, ensuring your spiritual path is personal and respected

Being of Service

Angelic Touch is an open door, dedicated to helping you reach your physical, spiritual, and mental goals. I provide a safe space for you to express your worries and fears, discover new perspectives, and find direction

Down to Earth

My presence is approachable, helping you feel grounded in the human experience while walking with a foot in both the spiritual and physical worlds.

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So what is a Holistic Energy Therapist?

A practitioner who works not solely but predominantly with the vital energy that flows through the human body. They use a variety of energy modalities to strengthen the mind-body-soul connection within you and release blocked energy throughout your chakra system.

Simone Mcpherson

Where you'll find me today...

On Mondays, I am busy like a bee with Angelic Touch’s admin. But most days you will find me setting up my treatment room for my lovely clients.


You can expect oils diffusing, incense sticks burning and candles glowing. All the good stuff!


On the weekends I am at home with my darling Scotsman. I remarried in 2005 and together we settled in Bedfordshire with our gang of pets too. My beautiful daughters have all grown up. But our female tribe has grown by two. I am proud to say that I am a Nanny to two wonderful little girls.


You will also find me with my woo-woo spiritual friends. We love to host reiki circles, meditation evenings and read cards together. Lastly, my day always sings right when I’ve had an oat-milk latte. 

I am always happy to speak with you about what you are looking for before booking a treatment. So please don't hesitate to drop me an email to get your 30 minute Free Consultation. You can also send me a message on my socials too.

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